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                                            Diet and Nutrition


              Most people believe that money is wealth because people believe that if we have money then we can buy anything we want. It is not true to me. For example if someone is wealthy but not healthy money does not mean so much. So, what is wealth? Wealth is to me health. As long as I have health I can make money and be happy. How can I maintain my health? I believe by understanding diet and nutrition it will guide me to be healthy.

             As demonstrated by the science of nutrition, that the field explores the connections between our bodies and the food we eat. Our daily diet affects how long and how well we live.

 Nutrition is divided into six major groups: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and water. Proteins form the basic framework for our muscles, bones, blood, hair and fingernails. Proteins come from animal and plant sources.  There is four calories per-gram; they are made up of the combination of twenty amino acids and nine of them are essential amino acids which we must get from our diet because our body cannot produce them. Amine acids For example we get them from meat, chicken, beef, fish, eggs, and milk. Grains, dry beans and nuts are incomplete proteins, messing one or two essential amino acids. So how can we get all nine essential amino acids? By combining incomplete protein such as bean and rice will give us nine essential amino acids.

             Carbohydrates are organic compounds that provide our brains and bodies with glucose; they are basic fuel. The major sources of carbohydrates are plants, grains, vegetables, fruits, beans and milk. There are two types of carbohydrates; simple carbohydrates (sugars) and complex carbohydrates (starches). They provide four calories per- gram. A simple carbohydrate comes from natural sugars. For example; the lactose in milk and the fructose in fructose are simple sugars. Candies, soft drinks, fruit drinks, pastas, and other sweets have added sugars. Complex carbohydrates are the foundation of healthy diet, for example they come from grains, cereals, vegetables beans and nuts.

             Fats carry the fat soluble vitamins the A, D, E, and K. Their important jobs are to protect organs from injury and maintain regulate body temperature. They play an important role in growth and development. Fats provide nine calories per-gram. They exist in two forms; saturated fats and unsaturated fats. These are distinguished by the type of fatty acids in their chemical structures. Unsaturated fats can be found in oils and can be kept in room temperature. Vegetables oil that we cook with. Olive, soybeans, canola, cottonseeds, corn and other vegetable oil are unsaturated fats. These oils are use for salad and for cooking because it is healthy for the human being. Saturated fat comes from animal fats like meat, chicken, and beef. Animals are usually solid oils which may be kept in the refrigerator.               

               Vitamins are organic substances that are needed in very small amounts by the body. Vitamins help us to put proteins, fats and carbohydrates to use. Vitamins are essential to regulating growth, maintaining our tissue, and releasing energy from food. Vitamins, A, D, E, K are fat soluble and other vitamins C are water soluble. Vitamins C do not stay in the body. Vitamin A comes from fortified milk cheese, cream, butter, margarine, eggs, liver, spinach and others like fruits. Good sources of vitamin A are apples, pears, papayas, and bananas. Vitamins keep our vision clear skin healthy and healthy bones and tooth. Vitamins D come from milk, eggs, liver, and exposure to sunlight helps  us to promote calcium and phosphorous absorption.

              Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen make up ninety six percent of our body weight. The other four percent consists of minerals that help us built bones, teeth, muscles functions in the proper way and it helps our nervous system to transmit messages to the body. There are many types of minerals like calcium, Zinc, and iron. Calcium comes from milk products, broccoli and dry beans. Calcium help us to maintain healthy of our bones, and calcium helps the muscle and nerve activity, as well as helping the veins clear and not clothing. Zinc comes from meat, grains, nuts, milk and cereals. Zinc helps us maintain protein reproduction is a component of insulin. Iron helps us transport oxygen.

                 People can live for weeks without food but not without water. If we live without water, within two days we will die from thirst. Our body is fifty percent to seventy percent water. People need at least two quarts, or eight cups of water everyday for good health.  The easiest way to get water is to drink it. In addition to water, we can have milk, juice, or fruits. Milk, fruit, juice, and vegetables also contain water, which is good for the body. One of the most important jobs of water is to maintain the body’s fluid balance. The water can also clean the body by removing toxins and keep the body temperature regulated. So now we learned it is important to drink water.


 In order to be healthy we need to understand diet and nutrition, which will help us out during our daily activities. Understanding these basic principles of diet and nutrition will help us to know what the body needs and what to intake.  Therefore, we must take what we eat seriously,  because we are responsible for our body and our health.




                                  My Aunt


A woman walks into the restaurant with a big smile.  Everyone comes up to her and says Hi to her.  The time goes so fast for everyone when she is at the restaurant because she is very funny, cheerful, and kind.  She is the boss of that restaurant.  She is a hard worker, intelligent, professional in business.  She socializes with people very well, and very active with people.  She is my aunt Annie Chen and she never let people down.  She is the most influential person in my life.

She is the light of the house; if there is something wrong she is the one who will fix, it.  She is a wonderful housewife, because she does the entire housework when she is at home, and takes care of her husband and her children.  She cooks, cleans, takes care of the bills, and takes care of her children’s education.  For example, she gets up at 6:00 in the morning and cooks for her children and sends them to school at 7:30 a.m.  She also goes to work from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening.  At home she is the boss, and at work she is the boss too.  Without her, the family will fall apart and the restaurant will fall apart too.

However she is getting old and her children are her hope and her future.  She has three children in her life; the oldest is a girl named Menga Chen.  She is in her last year of college.  Her major is international business.  At the same time Menga travels all over the world to study and do business.  Her second child is a girl named Mantin Chen.  She is in her first year of college at Queens College.  Her major is singing.  She is 18 years old, and she helps her mother in the restaurant every Sunday.  Last but not the least is a boy named William Chen; he is I the ninth grade.  She wants her children to be better than her because as in her own experience life in a restaurant is hard so she does not want her children to follow in her steps.  So she wants her children to go to college and be successful.

When her special day came to her life which is her wedding day, she was very pretty and there were a lot of guys chasing her, but she did not care about them because her priority was her work to support her family and help her family.  There was a man who had been chasing her for ten years and that was the man she married.  His name is James Chen.  He is very nice and patient and cheerful also.  Their marriage is a very successful because they love each other.

She is the major force in my life, because of how hard she worked to achieve her goals in her life.  This success has a great influence on me, because of how she takes care her children and at the same time she has to work.  That makes me work harder towards my goal and my dreams.  I look up to her as my role model, and it is my challenge.  Her support makes me want to work harder in school and at work.  I want to be successful as her and hopefully in the future I will have a better life.




Dear. Mr. David and Marilyn Rigler.            


 I am writing this letter to you and your wife to let you know that I am very displease to the both of you.  When I read the story and watched the video of the documentary of “The Secret of the Wild Child,” about Genie.  I found out that you and your wife took Genie for care and supervision while both of you using her as an experiment.

You know that Genie suffered from the evil hand of her family.  She was abandoned and isolated.  Genie was locked up and tied up to her potty seat in a dark room for 11 years without love, care, and affection.  Nevertheless, after all what she has been through, you and your wife took advantages of her inferiority.  You know that she was physically and mentally malformed, which she couldn’t straighten her arms and legs.  Also, she couldn’t chew, as well as making word-sounds.  Instead, she made noises like barking sounds.  Despite of all suffer that she was experiencing, you took advantages studying Genie for personal and economical profits, when the government funding the Genie project.  You gained money, as well as experiences in your personal career. But when the government stops funding her progression, both of you stop too, to taking care of her.  How could you do this to her? You know that if you stop supporting her then   she will be came a person with anything.  For example, she will have no love, care, and   affection.  So I am very disappointed at both of you.

            You are human too, who needs love, care, and affections.  Without these, to live is hard.  Therefore, Genie needs love as well, so you should guys show love and concern to her even what you feel toward her is not from your heart.